Monolid to double eyelid with fake eyelashes tutorial!

If you have the monolid struggle like me, where you don’t have double eyelids but DO want them.. Let me show you how I get them with my fake eyelashes.

20 thoughts on “Monolid to double eyelid with fake eyelashes tutorial!

  1. woow tengo un parpado tipo asiatico!! y soy latinal…? pr me encanta el tutorial… y mis ojos … espero mucho por tus videos… suerte una de mis mejores youtubers mollii

  2. Do you have any social media accounts that i could follow you on?? ❤️

  3. This is so funny because back then when I first saw your videos, I was like "how the heck does she get the crease after apply falsies?!!!!! Mine don't do that." And then I recently bought lashes from House Of Lashes and it just started making creases and I was like praise Jesus. ? my day has come. ????

  4. Can you make a makeup tutorial on how you do your makeup like that? Especially the inner corner part? ?❤️

  5. Asians are trying way to hard to be caucasian. Use of contact lenses, fake eyelashes, eyelid tape/glue, hair dye & skin bleaching. Only problem is your not!

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