It’s all about the eyes – Intro to double eyelid tape and glue

Double Eyelid tape

20 thoughts on “It’s all about the eyes – Intro to double eyelid tape and glue

  1. great vid, and you look like eve! but this was helpful. hope it works for me, i have a hooded eyelid but my crease is deep!

  2. Interesting m so glad you did a show and tell on those, can you wear eyeshadow on top of those eyelid tapes ?? Ty.xoxo

  3. im asian, i have double eyelid but slightly hooded. I use it to make the crease higher ad people compliment i have large eyes! :D

  4. No, not for the purpose of bigger eyes. But a more awake and alert looking eyes. because hooded eyelids can make you look tired and unhappy.

  5. Thank you for this tutorial im Hispanic and I want to use double eyelid tape

  6. Ah wow I have been contemplating using these. My eyes are hooded tho my sisters are not but I look tired all the time. I think im honna purchase from ebay now. Live the bobby pin idea!

  7. THANK GOD I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME im not Asian but I have very hooded eyelids, sometimes the crease will be bigger but not usually. And eyelid glue has made everything so much easier! No more poking with bobby pins all the time haha:-)

  8. THANK YOU A LOT! I've got the same eye shape than yours and I was struggling to find an eyelid tape tutorial other than on an asian shape eyes (sorry if you don't understand my english lol)

  9. Its so awesome you made it clear that not only asian need this.Its great to know it will probably work on me too…love it!♥appreciate you time! 

  10. Hi, loved the tutorial and your honest personality. I've just started out using the double sided tapes. I bought the clear ones, matt ones, nude ones, creasey bumpy ones and the double sided ones. My question is do I apply makeup before or after I use those tapes and with which type of tape? I've watched some videos that some tapes are meant for to sleep in with. Your advice would be great! Thanks 

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