How to easily and quickly Correct Hooded – Droopy eyes

Do eyelid tapes really work?? we’re finding out together!!
In this video I’m talking about my experience with eyelid tapes and sharing a few tips on how to use them! hope I covered all the topics but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me by leaving a comment down below! Thanks for watching!


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Mishelle’s video where I first heard about these tapes:


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20 thoughts on “How to easily and quickly Correct Hooded – Droopy eyes

  1. Heeey! Are you tired of not being able to make a decent cat eye because of your eyelids? me too! here's the trick I found to fix this problem!  

  2. Interesting, I've always wondered what could be done about hooded eyelids! Thanks for the video, dear!

  3. Hey is the effect permanent to the eye? Are your eyes unhooded for ever,or do you only do this on special occasions and it stays un hooded for a while?

  4. omg thank you so much for this. i wanted to see if anyone did a tut on this but it was only people with mono lids doing it and i didnt wanna waste my money!

  5. I have hooded eyelids and usually do a thin winged eyeliner since it's the only kind that looks nice with em

  6. I used to have hooded eyelids but then I started using Spharlex. Its like a cream that you apply to the eyelid and it was fixed completely in 2 weeks. I put it on and it soaks right into the skin leaving it dry and I was able to put on eye shadow the exact same.

  7. i hate it when i put on eyeliner, and it prints on the top part on my lid

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