East Asians Test Double Eyelid Products

A new kind of eye contact.

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20 thoughts on “East Asians Test Double Eyelid Products

  1. In college I learned that some Asian parents give their kids double eyelid surgery as a graduation present.

  2. These are all exceptionally attractive people before the eyelid abuse. Jen has awesome anime-sized eyes.

  3. Monolids are beautiful. I personally love them. No should feel like they to correct something that already is perfect <3

  4. People here just seem to think that European people enforced Asians to like the European appearance and beauty standards. And it's not true! Asian people just like the way European people looks! There's nothihg wrong with this, and no need to throw on the whole Europe.

  5. Mono-lids are the prettiest thing to me!! I don't know why, they just have a very elegant look to them that kinda just makes me go :^0

  6. I s2g everyone on BuzzFeed is GORGEOUS, but Jen and Eugene are like, the epitome of beauty (in my opinion, ofc). Everytime Eugene show up, me and the floor become one. Also, I'm a 18yo straight female but I swear to god I have a major platonic crush on Jen lol

  7. I have weird eyelids I guess… one of my eyes has a monolid and the other has a double eyelid

  8. I would love mono eyelids. They look so pretty. Mine are just normal and boring, I wish I had them.

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