All About Eyelid Tape + Reviews & Demos

If you have been curious about eyelid tape I’ll show you 4 different types of eyelid tape that you can use and my thoughts on each one. This video also contains demos of each tape so that you can see how it looks when applied!


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20 thoughts on “All About Eyelid Tape + Reviews & Demos

  1. I have thin eye lids, sometimes when i get tired a crease shows up!I really want tot have double eyelids so I have been thinking about buying some eyelid stuff.Would you recommend glue or tape? (the longer lasting and natural, the better 🙂 btw luv ur eye makeup <3

  2. What is the name of the last one and i don't use eyeshadow so can people see it

  3. Thank you so much for the invaluable yet informative data!  You have saved perhaps lots of energy and money for me.  Deeply appreciated!   :-)

  4. This is a very good review, thanks for the video and demo! i also liked the one u use and have the same issue with ONE problem eye haha…and i agree that its super dangerous when i try to trim off the edges with a scissors since i might poke myself or snip my eyelash or lid! and i agree w you that this gives the best results! i to have tried many eyelid tapes and experimented around! the glue too didnt work well for me as i have sensitive lids!

  5. hello I am very interested in the eyelid products, it is better the tape or glue? I had another question, is permanent? there will be a website to order? thanks c:

  6. I ever accidentally cut my lashes in the name of beauty Dear everyone always be proceed with caution

  7. Oh my goodness, we have the same problem! My right eyelid is my "problem eye" too. No, it's not from being tired, and it's deep/permanent. I think it formed when I had an eyelid cyst. I was pretty young when I got that cyst.

  8. Great video but have a question Amazon sell them but Im confused about 2 of them one of the package shows BN  clear micro fiber tape and the other one is saying  BN clear double  micro  tape eyelid which one do you use? Like you my left eye is very hooded my fingers are cross that this will help.

  9. the first tape cause me itchy after 2 or 3 hours,i got diferent eyelid tape that i wear day and night,i sleep with them,they dont bother me at all plus it helps me get a crease after wearing them for two or three days.

  10. Yours is the best demonstration I have seen so far on YouTube. I live in the United States and I have never seen these products. Any suggestions on where I may purchase these? I like the one that looks like a string that you put across the middle of your lid.

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