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Hey Guys! ♡
Here is a quick review and demo of 3 ways to use the Darkness Eyelash Glue!
I never tried double eyelid glue before so when I found out the Darkness glue could be used for that I definitely needed to try it out. I recommend trying it on bare skin because the glue will clump to any makeup products. This is a great product for people who want experiment with double eyelids because if they don’t like it then you can use it as a lash glue. This and the black Darkness glue is my go to eyelash glue at the moment.

Do you think a higher double eyelid suits me more? If you have any requests of products you would like me to try, please leave them down below!

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8 thoughts on “3 Ways I Use the Darkness Eyelash Glue | Soleely

  1. It looks really interesting. The shiny stones don't overpower or seem too much, so it looks nice. ^_^ And I think that your eyelids without the glue suit you better. With the glue it's a bit too high. :P

  2. I'm so terrible with false eyelashes, always mess it up D: I'll use this next time I try haha

  3. Hey girl! just watched some of your videos!!! loved them<3 check out my channel if u can<3

  4. Do you know if they make contacts with a sort of shimmery or reflective effect to them to make the eyes have more sparkle without masking the natural color?Great video btw 🙂 I say you look good with both types of eyelid so I guess just go with your mood for that day lol.

  5. Ahh I really want to start doing makeup tutorials! Your videos are so so good 🙂 I subbed and it would be awesome if you checked out my channel and maybe subbed back if you like it! xoxo

  6. Love it!!!!!! ??? OMG I'm gonna use the shiny stone in my make up … I just love it!!!???

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