3 Ways I Use the Darkness Eyelash Glue | Soleely

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Here is a quick review and demo of 3 ways to use the Darkness Eyelash Glue!
I never tried double eyelid glue before so when I found out the Darkness glue could be used for that I definitely needed to try it out. I recommend trying it on bare skin because the glue will clump to any makeup products. This is a great product for people who want experiment with double eyelids because if they don’t like it then you can use it as a lash glue. This and the black Darkness glue is my go to eyelash glue at the moment.

Do you think a higher double eyelid suits me more? If you have any requests of products you would like me to try, please leave them down below!

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Double Eyelid Surgery Trick – No Glue?! | Joseph Harwood

Hey #mermaids!
You guys love my eyelid tricks so here’s really how I build all my eye looks. I hope you love it!

The products I used were dermacolor concealers and some nars shadows. The liner I got off ebay and the mascara is max factor!

I got my fabulous new hair from – www.moklox.com

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East Asians Test Double Eyelid Products

A new kind of eye contact.

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How to easily and quickly Correct Hooded – Droopy eyes

Do eyelid tapes really work?? we’re finding out together!!
In this video I’m talking about my experience with eyelid tapes and sharing a few tips on how to use them! hope I covered all the topics but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me by leaving a comment down below! Thanks for watching!


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All About Eyelid Tape + Reviews & Demos

If you have been curious about eyelid tape I’ll show you 4 different types of eyelid tape that you can use and my thoughts on each one. This video also contains demos of each tape so that you can see how it looks when applied!


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